Two New  Spin Classes Starts  Tuesday & Friday


 Soulrider (45 min)  (Tuesday 5:00pm & Friday Morning 9:30am)

Mid section of four people working out at spinning class in gym

Come on an indoor cycling journey!  Challenge yourself to stay with the bunch, whether it’s climbing local peaks, time trialling or just plain old fashion racing.  Guaranteed endorphin release while burning up calories. 35 minute ride with a 10 minute stretch and tone.

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Yoga For Kids allows children to get  some physical activity, increasing mobility and flexibility it can also help increase mind/body awareness.
Practicing yoga regularly enables children to improve concentration and has been proven to reduce anxiety.
Starts Sunday January 10 at 12 noon at the Amana Yoga Saint John location.
8 week session is $80 plus tax, second child is $60 plus tax, additional children will be $40 plus tax.
Age Group – 5yrs to 12yrs
To pay for additional children please contact Amana Yoga at 648-0020.

 Introduction to Kundalini YogaDepositphotos_60359819_m-2015-1

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness! Each individual is believed to be the energy centre for the “God like or Creative aspect of the Universal Consciousness”.The Practice of Kundalini Yoga will find you stretching, breathing, jumping, running, dancing, yelling, chanting, meditating. Any given Kundalini Kriya (a set of exercises) contains a variety of activities. A typical class is focused on control of breath, expansion of energy, alignment of the chakras and meditation.Join Debra Bathgate in this 6 week introduction to Kundalini Yoga experiencing the true nature of your existence. Kundalini Yoga is for all ages, all bodies!Cost:$75 plus tax for 6 weeks.Members with Unlimited Packages may or cal 506-648-0020