Introducing Soulrider Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling Classes: Starting Nov 2nd
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:45pm and Saturday at 9am 


Indoor Cycling, often called “Spinning”, is a group exercise class done on stationary bikes.  During the Senior Man Cycling In Spinning Class In Gymclass, the instructor simulates a ride and together you will travel on flat roads, climb hills, jump,sprintand race!  It is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular fitness with very low-impact on the joints of the body.  At Soulrider  you can cycle all year round – regardlessof the weather outside!  All levels of cyclists are welcome in any class, because you control your speed and your tension levels.  Running shoes or cycling shoes with SPD or LOOK clips are required.



Our Bikes - 12 top of the line Chrono II  Fitness

Our Pedals - accommodate SPD cleats or just your regular running shoes






1)  Soulrider (45 min)  (Mondays 4:45pm)

Mid section of four people working out at spinning class in gymCome on an indoor cycling journey!  Challenge yourself to stay with the bunch, whether it’s climbing local peaks, time trialling or just plain old fashion racing.  Guaranteed endorphin release while burning up calories. 35 minute ride plus 10 minute stretch and tone.

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2) Soul Essence (45 min) (Wednesdays & Fridays 4:45pm)

An  intense cardio driven class set to music.  The instructor will take you on a cycling journey that includes climbing, sprints, rolling hills. This is cardio training at it’s finest designed to bring about ultimate conditioning. This  class ends with a stretch  that includes push-ups and sit-ups to ensure a full body workout. 

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3) Soul Potential Spin (45 min) (Saturdays 9:00am)

A  45 minute power ride where you will be challenged both mentally and physically, burning more calories than any other form of a cardio workout. A colourful trip through perfect circles of motion, as muscles tone and the heart pumps to incredible music and instruction. You will climb, sprint and soar, while stilling the mind. This is a great class for those who want more minutes on the bike and who love to ride outside!

Book Now!  You must book online to attend this class.